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TeeYoga Kids

TeeYoga for kids is about introducing children to the joy of yoga in a fun and loving environment.  We are in an age where gaming is so prevalent, children are feeling isolated, and the pressure of society's expectations of body image is detrimental to the confidence of our youth. Yoga for young ones is about building the foundations for creating good habits, bringing them into a group where they will feel connected.  TeeYoga aims to provide children with the tools necessary to build self esteem and resilience.


  • Children learn how to quiet the mind which helps them to concentrate in class and during tests or exams
  • Students are challenged to use their bodies in a non-competitive environment
  • Kids learn how to use the breath as a tool to calm the body and focus 
  • Yoga promotes self confidence and self acceptance 

With three children of her own, Tee has a hands on experience of working with young minds, is able to relate to children of all ages.