a little taste of TeeYoga - 30 minute class for beginners

I recorded this class on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon during quarantine, so it's a particularly lively neighbourhood background you're going to hear throughout! This is a really gentle class, designed to give beginners a little taste of TeeYoga, and hopefully, the confidence to not only explore the practice further but to bring all aspects of yoga into daily life.

Sunday morning 1 hour recorded zoom class

Here is a recorded version of my live class from Sunday 26th April. Hope you enjoy! Xo


This video was a special request from my brother Matty, who you might have seen during one of my Zoom classes. He has a bad lower back, and he found immense relief after doing this class. Enjoy! 

teeyoga 20min gentle yoga for my mum

...or your mum! 

Teeyoga 15min stretch class for teens

This video is for my three boys, in the hope that they can focus on stretching!